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  Myrtle Beach Guest Directories (Directories in Hotel Rooms and Vacation Rentals):

Want your ad to be seen by a large portion of visitors to the Grand Strand?

It can be by advertising in one of the hotel directories produced annually by Effective Promotions, Inc.

The Guest Directories are placed in each hotel room and contain valuable information about the hotel-resort property as well as useful area information and helpful information about local businesses.

  Myrtle Beach businesses have been using print ads in the form of full-color brochures, newpaper ads, magazine ads, and advertisements in specialty publications for decades.

Before the Internet, this was the only way to effectively reach a large market of potential customers outside of this area.

Print ads still work; and work quite well, especially for those who aren't on the internet or don't surf the web on a regular basis.

They work exceptionally well for vacationers that have already arrived at the beach and are trying to decide where to eat and what to do.

One of the best ways to reach customers once they get to the Myrtle Beach area is to advertise in a Guest Directory that's placed in hotel rooms, condos, and vacation rentals. Guest directories contain valuable information that the visitor reads, such as check-out time, property policies, pool hours, and more.

Guest directories also contain area information such as restaurants, maps, transportation options and entertainment venues along the Grand Strand.

Ads in Hotel Guest Directories are a good way to gain exposure to your local business in a cost effective manner.

For more information, visit Myrtle Beach Visitors Guide or Myrtle Beach Guest Directory produced by Effective Promotions of Myrtle Beach.

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